"You Look Like" - A Standup Comedy Roast Battle

Location : Lafayette Comedy, , Lafayette, LA

Lafayette Comedy presents "You Look Like"  - A Standup Comedy Roast Battle on Saturday, Feb. 24th at Club 337 inside the Doubletree Hotel.
Tickets on sale for $15 ($20 at the door).
Doors at 8:00 p.m. Show at 8:30 p.m.

"You Look Like" is a roast show featuring the best comedians going head to head in roast battles, while the audience decides who is the roast champion. From the roasts told to the comebacks to them, this will be a hilarious show!
Comedians have 4-minute rounds to roast each other while the audience declares the winner. And we also get the audience involved by roasting a special audience member. Plus, stand-up comedy sets inbetween rounds.

* Cell phones must be set on silent or turned off. Never take a phone call during the show. If it can’t wait, please step outside.
* Table Talk must be kept to a minimum. Lafayette Comedy reserves the right to remove loud, talkative patrons. No refunds will be given.
* No Flash Photography permitted
* No video or audio Recording: Each comedian owns the rights to their own material, however, do NOT.
* Do Not Heckle the Comedian: Heckling is interrupting the performance to upstage, disparage, or throw off the comedian. It is never acceptable, and the quickest way to ruin the show for everyone. It is also the quickest way to ejection.
* Do Not Interrupt the Comedian: The common excuse for this is “I’m helping the comedian” and “that’s what you’re supposed to do at Comedy Clubs!” Comedians are professionals, they do not need help. Exception: If a comedian directly engages you in conversation, it is ok to respond. Some of the best comedy happens this way and can make for a memorable experience. Be ready to let it go when the bit is over.

I don’t recognize the comic’s name, will the show be funny?
Yes, all of our acts are professional nationally touring comedians. There are so many talented comedians today; it is impossible for all of them to become household names. That being said, comedy is subjective and we recommend you research the comedian you are coming to see.

Unless otherwise stated, please consider all of our shows as “adult subject matter.”
No refunds unless the show is canceled or rescheduled.